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Reservation | How To Make Booking?

How To Make Booking?

Making a booking is easy from our website.

Most important thing before making booking is finding the most suitable holiday home for yourself.

Which holiday home is suitable for me?

Most important is your travel dates and the number of people are travelling. If you are travelling with 4 and more suitable home should have minimum two bedrooms so each can have a bed to sleep.

Then the location; what is the main thing? To be close to the beach, city centre or away from everything so holiday can be calm and relaxed? 

Once everything is clear; you may use the search bar on the main page of website or you may check the filtered holiday homes on the main page of the website.

After entering dates and the number of people our website will list you the available properties. Once you find the one suitable for you, you may get in touch with us via WhatsApp (which located on top of the property photo) or click on the book now. 

Once you click on the book now; website will ask your personal information such as phone number, name, email, etc. (WEBSITE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR CARD DETAILS). Once you submit a notification will come to us about your booking. In 24 hour time one of team member will be in touch with you with the number or email you provided.

After confirming your travel details. You'll receive a booking form and payment options. Once the from filled and the required deposit to secure your dates been received by us; a booking confirmation file will be sent to you.

When the arrival date is come, with showing your booking confirmation; the keys of the holiday home will be handed :)