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Terms of Use


  1. If there is any change or any cancelation on reservation, tenants must inform C&O Rentals 45 days before arrival date, otherwise deposit made for the booking will not be refunded. Unless otherwise accepted, guests agree to pay balance cash on arrival.
  2. Tenants agree to pay £200 damage deposit on arrival. Damage deposit will be returned to guests after inventory check on the departure. Tenants agree to pay deposit cash.
  3. The deposit will be paid to homeowners by C&O Rentals on your behalf. Tenants agree to pay the balance to rep. Rep has the right not the handling the keys without receiving balance payment.
  4. Tenants agree that the property will be used as holiday accommodation and for no further purpose whatsoever and tenants will vacate the property at termination date without prior warning or process law.
  5. Tenants agree that the number of people occupying the accommodation must not exceed the number for which beds are stated to be provided in the description, without prior permission. The accommodation must only be used by those people named on the booking contract; tenants are not allowed to let anyone else stay there.
  6. C&O Rentals will use its best endeavour to provide the holiday in accordance with the booking. If however, it is obliged to do so for reasons beyond its control, C&O Rentals reserves the right to cancel any holiday accommodation. In the event, C&O Rentals will do its best to provide comparable arrangements but if we are not able to do so, a full and immediate refund will be made, and C&O Rentals shall be under no further liability. In the case of force Majeure causing C&O Rentals to cancel any holiday, such as war, strikes, fires, natural disasters etc., C&O Rentals reserves the right to deduct their reasonable expenses from any refund given.
  7. Unless stated otherwise, your holiday duration is for seven nights or multiples of 7 nights. Your accommodation will be available to you from 15:00 hours on your arrival day. Unless otherwise arranged, your accommodation must be vacated by 11:00 hours on the day of your departure. If you have a late evening flight, please notify us and we will make arrangements for you.
  8. Because of difficulties of relevant law and jurisdiction, C&O Rentals and the owner of the property are obliged to draw attention to the fact that they are unable to obtain any form of third-party insurance in relation to this let property which is constructed and maintained to Turkish standards. All tenants, their families, guests, and other third parties therefore, enter the premises entirely at their own risk. They should exercise due care in these circumstances and should make their own personal insurance arrangements.
  9. If an authority member of C&O RENTALS believes your actions are causing danger to other customers, our own staff or damage to property, we reserve the right to end your holiday. You will be subject to any costs that this may incur. This means that we reserve the right to prevent the use of the let property, cancel any transportation we have arranged on your behalf and we will not be liable to pay any compensation, refunds or any expenses as a result of your actions.
  10. C&O Rentals is the assigned travel agent between homeowners and tenants. Any problem in the property will be solved by C&O Rentals with the homeowner’s confirmation.
  11. This agreement is governed by the Turkish Law and in case of dispute Fethiye Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorised for settling such disputes.
  12. C&O Rentals is registered in Fethiye, tax number 2000348784.